There’s a few reasons why I’ve chosen Donna Summer for today’s addition of what we here at KE-ZU call Monday Music Madness.
  1. The (comparably to some other Australian cities, small, but still relevant) heat wave in Sydney appears to have passed.  With the word “hot” in the title there’s a heat reference.
  2. With the countdown on for the 2014 Academy Awards I’ve been attempting to watch every film nominated for best picture.  After seeing American Hustle (or as Tina Fey in her opening address at the Golden Globes so aptly re-titled, Explosion in the Wig Factory) where Donna's “I Feel Love” was wonderfully set to a nightclub montage, Donna Summer has been top of mind.
  3. Importantly, everyone deserves a dose of disco (more alliteration!) to perk up a lazy Monday.
So, with justified rationale… here is Donna Summer’s “Hot Stuff”.