Nanimarquina brings the News ...

Nanimarquina’s News rug reminisces the graphic technique so often used in advertising, its shape re-contextualized utilising the same colour as its inspiration to create a visually striking floor piece from the Spanish rug manufacturer.

Recently arriving in the KE-ZU showroom with two cousins (read the Blog posts about Topissimo and Rangoli here), News is the design by Martí Guixé providing a well-known shape in a useable format.  News is versatile across many types of interior spaces; demanding attention with its huge visual impact, the jagged circular piece provides its surroundings with new shapes by ingeniously delimiting the circle and providing a packed punch so often difficult to obtain with floor covering.

Nanimarquina's News Rug with Bernhardt Design's Prisma table and Duet conference chairs

News is a hand made utilizing a tufted technique from 100% New Zealand wool and is available in only one colour – it’s vibrant red!

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