Finding itself in the heart of Hobart, Tasmania – Avalon City Retreat speaks volumes about the creativity which thrives in the Australian Island State. The location of Avalon City Retreat provides easy access and stunning views to both the City, rivers and ocean surrounding the Tasmanian capital. Touted as an “ominpiod”, this stand alone two bedroom, two bathroom hotel is a retreat which sits on top of an office building – that building designed by Dutch architect Dirk Bolt, best known for his post WWII modernist architecture.

The beauty of the Retreat is its tasteful blend between both design and relaxation.  Merging the two in an effortless display of both history and design progression.  This then becomes the perfect platform to showcase the Surf Lounger, designed by Karim Rashid for Vondom (and of course, available at KE-ZU!).

Recently installing the Surf Lounger onto the impressive deck attached to the Retreat, we were so impressed to see the results! Surf Lounger’s fluid shape and ability to illuminate in various colours, made it the perfect choice for its new home amongst the lineal timber of the deck. The entire Vondom catalogue is available at KE-ZU, including many of Rashid’s designs.  Check into the Blog soon for some new Vondom product on its way to the KE-ZU showroom!