MMM - Huntin' Trouble ...

Jane Russell’s lookin’ for trouble… and with these warm summer days in Sydney we’re all out for a bit of trouble I imagine (apart from today's London-esque weather).

The beauty of this era is its cocktail of sex appeal, class, and pizzazz - with Russell the mixologist in this number for the 1954 film The French Line with the then-provocative (now also?) musical number Lookin’ for Trouble. I imagine the tailor or seamstress spent the entire sequence on the edge of their seat and most certainly not looking for any costume trouble.  Alas it steers clear of any and so “Rusty” (as I’ve now dubbed her) carries on with her routine, a passionate call for a man

This Cinderella’s lookin’ for a fella …. all I need is a man, any type, any style – just so he’s a man

... and with the ability to give a kick that high in a pair of heels we can all imagine what trouble ol’ Rusty is looking for.

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