GECA is Australia’s go-to certifier of environmentally preferable goods and services. Implementing stringent and rigourous testing methods to sort the sustainably good from the bad, their aim is to encourage the development and usage of sustainable goods and services within our fair Nation. With around 50 GECA certified products and therefore approximately 1500 GECA certified variations in finishes and materials,  KE-ZU shows our support for environmentally sound products which ensure a healthy range of options are available for green projects and specification. GECA hosted a discussion at The Podium at the Galleria for Sydney Indesign recently and Billi, our sustainability manager joined the panel to discuss the topic of environmental sustainability and product specification (see the Zu Blog post here).  In their recent newsletter, GECA published an article on the discussion titled   “Sydney Indesign panel discusses benefits of GECA” dissecting the in-depth discussion which took place.  Our Billi is quoted:
The process of certifying is very rigorous in its audit and it’s very important for designers to be considerate about what they are using but I think also as consumers we should be more responsible and do a lot more research into what we’re actually buying.
A great read, the article can be found here. Also featured in the GECA newsletter was an interview with Taku Kumazawa, designer of the Red Dot Design Award winning sustainable Tipo collection of stacking chairs and stools, and the CTZ Tilt-Top Table for Axona Aichi. Taku was our guest for Sydney Indesign and took the time out to speak with Stephen Lacey from Design Unplugged at the Zu showroom.  Taku explained to Stephen:
When I suggested we use recycled material, they thought I was mad…  I always wanted to make furniture that could be separated into different materials at the end of its life. I asked my boss why can’t we do that? And the boss just shook his head. Nobody seriously thought about that 20 years ago.
A fabulous interview from a very interesting man and extremely talented designer which can be read in its entirety here.