He’s baaaaaack! We couldn’t be happier.  The eccentric and somewhat bonkers Japanese inventor Dr Nakamats has finally broken his silence! But what has the good doctor been up to all this time?   He hasn’t responded to our Blog post of October 2012 (available here) so we assumed he was busy somewhere devising his latest designs – we imagine in a scene perhaps somewhere between a Tim Burton film and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  We expected his comeback video recently uploaded to his Facebook page to be the platform for his newest, wackiest creation ever!    His first post in almost two years – oh the excitement!  Alas it wasn’t to be. Dr Nakamats did however take the time to explain to his audience one of his first designs realized at the tender age of 5, so we’re grateful for that.  The design is a sort of automatic pump which assisted his mother in transferring soy sauce from large bottles to smaller bowls.   A helping device Dr Nakamats explained to ease the constant battle for Mumma Naka in a cold Japanese Winter. Whatever the content – we’re happy to see him up and about.  We do however await with bated breath the next design from Dr Naka!