Archikidz is back! Yes! ...

We were excited to hear that Archikidz is returning to Sydney!

Following the roaring success of the inaugural Archikidz event last year - Archikidz is coming back to Sydney’s Carriageworks.

The interactive workshop aimed at our children educates children about architecture, ethical and sustainable design – therefore assisting our youth to become aware of their environments, no doubt leading to awareness of good design, future preservation of architecture, sustainability and a super fun time for all involved!

This year’s theme is Building Bridges - Design and build your very own imaginary bridge!  How cool is that?  Archikidz takes place on Saturday 5 October 2013  (10.00am-1.00pm) and registration opens tomorrow!

We’ll see you there with our little KE-ZU mascot!    Click here for more information.

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