“We create a language” says Patricia Urquiola of designing.  In understanding the language of a piece of furniture it’s important to take in its many facets, not restricted only to its obvious shape, colour or material components.  It extends to the personal soul embedded into it as a project from conceptual stage, and marrying this with the principles of a manufacturer. This union is personified in Urquiola’s Nub collection of chairs. Nub of course relates to the bauble shapes appearing in the combed back of the collection, pouring a piece of herself into every project she tackles, Urquiola says the shapes of Nub is remiss of chairs she had in the playroom as a child. No better manufacturer for the iconic Urquiola to team with then than Andreu World, given Andreu World’s rich history and close relationship with the Spanish land.  The manufacturer began as a family owned business, a humble project in 1950’s rural Spain, growing into the international company it is today, putting it in the perfect place to marry their ethical and sustainable practices with the manufacturing process mantra of Urquiola.  In no better position to commentate on the process, Urquiola says:
The beauty goes after function, I think obviously still being important, I think beauty comes after transparency in the process… as you know in art the concept of beauty changes so much, even in interesting ways, it’s not the most important value in a work of art … I think design is moving, and possibly people are searching for ideas that do cross over and the public is moving in many directions but always trying to find in the products I think a certain credibility which is connected to the transparency of the process. I think this is one of the most important values we have to keep if we want to get a real connection between beauty, aesthetics and the function.
And so it is that we understand the making of Nub.  Through the video below we see the concept, material and manufacture of the ever successful and visually appealing collection of furniture. Appearing in some fabulous installations the world over.  Its curvaceous shapes and generous form lends itself for inclusion in any of its intended variations, a dining chair, lounge chair or love bench.

KE-ZU has Nub models here in the showroom available for viewing – come in and have a look for yourself.