Don't fake it if you can't afford it ...

As true advocates for authentic design - this piece in SMH by our mate Stephen Lacey who edits Design Unplugged couldn't be more apt, or hilarious!

A fabulous piece written in support of a truly important issue.

Another working tirelessly on this issue is the Authentic Design Alliance of which KE-ZU is a named supporter.  Head over to the website to show your support for its campaign to promote and encourage original design, and support Australia's design industry, by seeking a change in Australia's intellectual property laws.  To sign the petition click here.

You can read Stephen's article online here.

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  • I loved the article, as an Interior Designer I always encourage my clients to buy the real thing and support the wealth of amazing Australian designers that are producing the most beautiful things. The " designer" band wagon of fake Eames, Tolix & Tom Dixon are enough to make you scream when small local designers are working with such style, passion & integrity in their work.

    • You couldn't be further from the truth Melissa. Authentic design and encouraging our design and manufacturing sector is so important.

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