The Australians! Formerly disregarded as kangaroo riding hillbillies, residing in outback shacks in remote towns populated by Akubra wearing, large knife wielding croc hunters. Slowly and surely the stereotypes dropped off and we are being recognized as the world leaders that we are. Fighting this good fight for the cause at the minute is the Socceroos. For the third time in a row our nimble lads have made it to the World Cup, qualifying for the epic event flanked by river of green and gold at ANZ Stadium last Tuesday; followed closely by a celebration of gigantic proportions which only shows how much sport means to our fine land, and the development of Soccer as a code in the country. So off to Rio we go! But let us not forget that this isn’t the first time the Country has celebrated going to Rio. Which leads us right to the point that we seek to make. While the Aussie National Anthem makes us a proud bunch, Waltzing Matilda stands as an unofficial Anthem, Peter Allen's I Still Call Australia Home was a killer prelude, but it’s his I Go to Rio which is perhaps the most appropriate song choice here, with the Australian singer kicking his own goals in the 1970’s – unaware of the appropriateness it may have in 2013. Good onya boys!