MMM - Get Yourself a College Girl...

The film Get Yourself a College Girl of 1964 by the Sidney Miller is the beach house teen movie musical which formed the perfect platform for the Brazilian singer Astrud Gilberto to launch “The Girl from Ipanema”, the international Grammy award winning hit which we bring to you today.

The Metrocolour film houses interior set decoration in an interesting mix of 60’s hues with strong dance moves sure to knock over a glass of wine or two.

The song originally was written about Heloisa Pinheiro, the Brazilian born businesswomen (and later Playboy Playmate) after the writer of the song witnessed her stroll through the fashionable neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro’s Ipanema.

A curious medley, the second song by The Dan Clark Five unfortunately didn’t garner the same sort of attention but is a sweet tune nonetheless.

A nice reason to smile on a Monday. Enjoy.

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