Spain’s innovative VONDOM offers the glamour of a new sensory experience where the colours, texture and shape play an important role in creating exciting outdoor furniture. Vondom’s Milano campaign launched exciting and innovative new collections from internationally acclaimed designers such as Ross Lovegrove, Fabio Novembre and Ora Ito. Vondom continues to work with their signature materials and production methods in new bold exciting forms for what will no doubt be a stellar year for the manufacturer.   Check out their exciting video presenting the new collections below. BIOPHILIA Modern genius Ross Lovegrove turned his hand to outdoor furniture and presented Biophilia.  Biophilia by definition is a hypothesis suggesting that there is an instinctive bond between human beings and other living systems.  The shapely collection includes chairs, a sofa and a table available in a multitude of colours.  The collection is an exploration into the furniture structure, presenting itself with finely tuned  humanistic inspired detail and form.

Produced using roto-moulding technology, Lovegrove explains that Biophilia
explores a new design language that forms a dialogue between time, form and space combining the pioneering organic design of Sagrada Famila by Antonio Gaudi.
The collection is surely set to inspire furniture of the future whilst providing any space with a fresh and intriguing style which looks forward and acknowledges the past. F3 F3 by Fabio Novembre is a collection of furniture set to encourage socialization and enjoyment in the outdoors whilst providing for an interesting outdoor landscape.  The futuristic aesthetics provide for a family of furniture of luxury and visual intrigue. Referencing the age-old design mantra of 'form follows function', the generous shapes of each piece provide surfaces which flow freely, encompassing the body while planting themselves onto any surface with their shapely supporting structures. Grouping pieces to form compositions allows endless possibilities of interaction and socialization between the forms.   Again utilizing roto-moulded technology and available in some of Vondom’s signature colours of highly saturated hues, the collection is stackable and adaptable and sure to become a staple on the outdoor furniture scene. UFO The new UFO collection by Ora Ito results from "genetic mutation experiments".   Working with rounded edges and voids, the collection works with positive and negative space, the organic planes of the pieces gently flowing into one another, creating a space of comfort and relaxation whilst enjoying the outdoors.  Comprising a chair, table and sofa, the arrangement of the collection seamlessly position themselves in any outdoor space. Strong and elegant, the UFO collection creates different compositions easily adaptable to outdoor spaces thanks to its free forms. A spectacular, and bold collection ready for inclusion in any home, hospitality or contract venue.