Let us now go to London for the new ME Hotel, designed by Forster and Partners in London’s glamorous West End for the international Spanish based Hotel Group Melia.  Keeping up with its neighbours, the ME Hotel is a destination spot, fusing together organic shapes with severe cuts of the triangle. The Hotel takes a neutral palette is exceedingly striking, taking different forms through corridors and rooms and elevates the Hotel to a new level of sophistication, assisted by light, texture and furniture specification. Finding their way into one of the hotels restaurants and adding to the attraction of the alluring space is KE-ZU supplier and Spanish manufacturer Andreu World’s Smile Barstools and Tauro dining chairs (above picture), both available at KE-ZU and through its national distribution network.  Find further images of the Smile Barstools here – with KE-ZU recently installing them in Sake Melbourne, designed by Luchetti Krelle (below).