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FFF is always about ditching the furniture for a day.  None more so than today’s FFF where we celebrate an Aussie icon on her 39th birthday.

We assume you’ve guessed by now, it’s Elle Macpherson’s birthday.  We imagine at 39 that the Aussie actress, model, clothing designer, TV host and mum is still being asked for ID at bars which puts our nose slightly out of joint – but that’s okay, cause she’s great.  Here’s some little known things we know and love about our Elle over time …

Elle was born “Eleanor Nancy Gow”

Her first job internationally was in 1982 for Tab Cola (excuse the 1980’s resolution here).

Elle appeared in every issue of Elle for six consecutive years.

Elle’s first movie role was in Hollywood’s 1994 period film Sirens.

Elle has been on the cover of Sports Illustrated a record five times.

One thing we love most about Elle – she’s still just Elle.

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