Prominent French architect Jean Nouvel (pictured above) was awarded the highly-acclaimed Prtizker Prize for Architecture in 2008, the jury citing in their rationale:
His inquisitive and agile mind propels him to take risks in each of his projects, which, regardless of varying degrees of success, have greatly expanded the vocabulary of contemporary architecture.
Nouvel is the man who brought us the Torre Aigues de Barcelona, the Arab World Institute in Paris, the Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis, One New Change in London and the Dentsu Building in Tokyo.  He is the man with the plan, and has his troupe of architects currently have many exciting projects in the works. With this is mind, we take this opportunity to introduce to you the MIA Collection of furniture available at KE-ZU, designed by Jean Nouvel and manufactured by Italian supplier EMU.  Launching at Orgatec 2012, Nouvel designed the collection from flat metal bars specifically for the restaurant Mia, located in the RBC Design Centre in Paris.  The RBC Design Centre is a design manifesto intending to showcase to visitors the leaders in design, production and distribution.  MIA is a collection of furniture which understands the needs related to these three facets and now takes pride of place in the EMU catalogue. Nouvel stated about MIA:
I was looking to create an archetypal outdoor chair... something that could become a contemporary reference, as XIX century chairs were in historical public gardens.
And that he did.  By stripping back visible elements and unnecessary detailing, the MIA collection is aesthetically reduced to essentials, giving a nod to functionality and minimalist joy, yet packed with hidden features. From the chair, the entire collection was born.  Containing two types of folding tables, a stool, and chairs with optional arms all available in various colours. Utilising simple clean cut lines comprising aluminium and steel, Nouvel has created  pieces which are sturdy and light to assist their purpose around the contract and hospitality market, each having their own ability to either fold, hang or stack for easy storage and cleaning. Originally slated as outdoor pieces, the MIA Collection is quickly finding itself pride of place indoors also.  In our recent Orgatec 2012 Report (emailed to some of you recently) we brought you the new EMU release, high-powered magnetic cushions manufactured in top-Italian mould-impeding fabric “EMU-TEX”.  These magnetic cushions are the perfect accompaniment to any MIA product, available in assorted colours. We recently stumbled upon a video montage of Mia and Nouvel – you can watch the video here.