We love our furniture.  Pretty obviously, we live and breathe it here at KE-ZU. The distinction between tables available on the current market can be astonishing.  Responding to designs changing needs in materiality, sustainability, size and adaptability lends itself to creating a diverse range of table components. Designers the world over are working with different methods, utilising different materials in exciting ways, and their designs are born from different concepts. Pretty simply, this means at KE-ZU we have a large range of tables to suit any sort of project or space.  Exciting! Above you’ll find a collection of only some of the tables which are currently available for viewing at the KE-ZU showroom.  A generous mix from indoor and outdoor occasional and dining comprising materiality variety of extruded aluminium, woven steel, plastic, Chestnut wood, lacquer MDF and so much more. Andreu World Reverse Table,  Sancal’s Rock tables, Bernahrdt Design Cuiro & Revue , Sancal Tab, Bd Barcelona Table B , EMU Heaven, Bernahrdt Design B.5, Andreu World Pure & Dual, Sancal Nudo, Eden Tablecloth.