In 1960 a film was made called “The World of Suzie Wong”.  The plot of this post is about the Suzy Wong of our world.  We’re unsure whether Suzie and Suzy are connected, they most likely aren’t. Our Suzy Wong has found herself in the Kenneth Cobonpue catalogue.  This isn’t an easy achievement for anybody.  To get this done however, Suzy ticked the mandatory Kenneth Cobonpue boxes, namely:
  1. She’s made of natural, locally sourced material.
  2. She’s original and unique.
  3. She’s an alternative to the Western definition of modern design.
Suzy’s family comprises of thirteen (unlucky for some – not Suzy though) pieces, all with the hallmark which sets them apart, their sophistication by blending the natural and the traditional. Suzy Wong designer (and self-titled design firm director) Kenneth Cobonpue proudly hails from the Philippines, and sources most of the contents of his material box from the archipelago’s 7,107 islands. Suzy Wong is a melting pot of these materials, utilising Lampakanai (a course sedge belonging to the seagrass family), Abaca (commonly referred to as Manila Hemp), Rattan (the stem of a climbing trunk) woven onto a frame of oak, mahogany or walnut. The Suzy Wong family is defined by its materials and aesthetics.  The thirteen pieces exude sophistication of oriental times past.  The high-back series is the most recognisable, with the sofa siblings coming in at 122cm high and the bed even higher at 160cm, the height assisting the pieces to define spaces within spaces.  The Suzy Wong family undoubtedly provides a meditative spot in which to curl up, relax, and perhaps even hide.  Suzy Wong affords you the luxury of being able to see through to the other side from your isolated area without visibility to you. Which brings us to our next point.  Mums and dads take note.  Whatever day or night of the week it may be, we’re sure you deserve a bit of ‘you’ time.   The Suzy Wong family affords you the luxury of a place to sit for a while and gather your thoughts.  Call it a place of your own, an oasis – perhaps even somewhere to hide where you can just wish the outside world away.   We’ve taken the liberty of taking the Suzy Wong high-back lounge chair and popped it into an example to evidence just how the collection could potentially do just this: We also thought it would be a good idea to put Suzy and Suzie together for the first time: But in all seriousness, the Suzy Wong collection is perfect for any space, and the entire collection is available at KE-ZU, and through its national distributors.