Air and Power.  We know them well, not like this however.  Welcome to LZF’s lighting adventure, Air. Designed by Ray Power for LZF (pictured above), Air is made of a single Polywood sheet, bent to its exciting and engaging shape and held in its graceful profile.  Falling into the LZF family of experimentation with form, Air is packed with fluidity and light as a feather. Perfectly slotting into residential or commercial spaces as a table lamp or a wall-mounted lamp, Air is a quiet little achiever made of 100% sustainable FSC certified materials.  You’ll find Air available in eight different wood veneer finishes, all of which radiating a welcoming glow. LZF, being the progressive design gurus that they are haven’t forgotten the graphic styling to accompany the Air family – check out these cool illustrations. Not to be forgotten are the handy LZF desktop calendars.  Each month LZF release a calendar and September is another stellar offering!  The calendars are available from LZF’s Facebook site here. For more information click here.