We understand that the term “Kairos” in Greek translates to “opportune moment” and signifies a moment of indeterminate time in which something special happens.  Fitting. Now, Kairos finds itself in the physical form as a suspension lamp, the latest lighting feat from Kenneth Cobonpue’s lighting and accessories brand HIVE [design by hive]. Kairos is a white fibre reinforced polymer hollow sphere that starts its journey in one of three sizes, 30cm, 50cm or 80cm diameter.  Kairos adopts organic voids which assist the RBG LED lights fitted inside the structure to emit light which illuminate the inner structure and its surroundings.  In its purest of states, Kairos emits a white light which bathes any space with clean beauty. Never ceasing to amaze, with the press of a button (the included remote control) Kairos turns its back on white serenity and goes to work in creating a multitude of colour!  The clever LED lights allow for 15 colour variances to illuminate the lamp and the space with an expansive colour spectrum … fun times! Available at KE-ZU and through KE-ZU’s national distributors, there’s always an opportune moment for a Kairos.