Andreu World enjoyed a very successful year in 2011 with the SAIL collection designed by Piergiorgio and Michele Cazzaniga scoring a Red Dot Design Award.  Off the back of this, Milan 2012 was the perfect occasion to release the timber frame and leather clad models of the same design.  Already a beautiful, refined injection moulded stacking seat, the Sail collection can only go from strength to strength with these sophisticated new models affording it a whole new level of appeal.
Also of note was the addition of a Nub Loveseat to Patricia Urquiola's family of timber lounges and chairs.
Already garnering much attention around the world for it's endearing form and nostalgic references, the Nub collection welcomes the timber varnished timber model of the four leg chair.  Previously Nub pieces have only been available in lacquered or stained finishes.  This evolution for the collection sees its appeal broaden further still.
As renowned for their tables as much as their well crafted chairs, Andreu World this year presented the TAO Table from Lievore, Altherr & Molina.  The asymmetry of the cross legged base and the solidity of each timber part, when in profile, imbues this dining table with a sturdiness well matched to chairs such as Woody and Vogue.
Ronda is a classic Andreu World collection that has seen many variants added over the years, the most recent and game changing yet is this years splayed-leg timber base.
Contemporary, but retaining all the warmth and sophistication of its timber elements, this new model is also offered with leather upholstery which affords the specifier a multitude of arrangements when alternating stains and leathers to complement or contrast.