So you have the furniture, you've treated the floors but staring back at you are some blatantly bare and desperately wanting walls...
  • Fine Art? Yes, quite fine for those that can afford it.
  • Paint a single feature wall? Too 'done'.
  • A loud wall paper? It'll date too fast.
So what if you combined all three of the above in a way that keeps you happy, affords you versatilty and yet keeps the space dynamic?  Clap your eyes on this "Magnetic Wallpaper" from Vij5. Last year we brought you their amazing invention: newspaper wood (which has gone on to become a wonderfully adaptable material) and now they've taken this passion for design and recycling, quite literally: to the wall. Employing readily available magnetic wall paints, this collection uses specifically sought out vintage wallpapers (not modern day vinyl wallpapers) backed with foil and then cut as tiles, in two sizes.  The brilliance is evident in that you can than mix and match and play with the array of patterns to create an ever changing backdrop to your living or work space. Too floral? Vintage papers aren't your thing? Why not try the very contemporary Tea Wall Panels from SANCAL and Rafa Garcia!  An extension of the wildly succesful Tea Sofa Collection, these upholstered boards are offered  in bold hexagonal tiles that, like their predecessors, incorporate the distinct hexagonal quilt detailing and the possibility of creating both bi-coloured and bi-textured statements - It's basically smart art. What? Too Soft? Harden up then with the wonderfully evocative properties of porcelain tiling.  Take these "Cardboard" designs from Academy Tiles for example.  Replicating a corrugated card effect, the material that is so often relegated to use in flooring has great potential for giving that blank wall a burst of personality. Still cant decide?  Hang it all then and throw a mirror on the wall like the Showtime Mirrors from Jaime Hayon and BD Barcelona - at least that way you'll always be happy with what's staring back.