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Sydney City residents and workers will have in the past year, noted a considerable increase in street art, pop-up galleries and temporary installation artworks.

Many of these works are the fruits of subversive public artists who in the tradition of the infamous Banksy, adorn public spaces with wonderful, sensory marvels that unexpectedly remove us from what we otherwise view to be familiar surroundings.

As well as this, there are a handful of Local Government funded and promoted incentives dotted around Sydney... the Southern end of the CBD in particular as part of the City Of Sydney's City Art and Streetware Projects.

Populating gritty back streets and all but lost laneways are works that range from video installations in 21 Alberta Street's pop-up gallery (tucked modestly away next to the wonderful Berta restaurant) to two storey Angels and a family Babushka Dolls covering the walls of the otherwise unassuming Dungate Lane.

We love seeing these pop up all the time and eagerly await the next surprise we'll stumble upon!

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  • Great street art..The artists will temporarily transform blank building walls into creative canvases alive with images to catch the attention and imagination of those who normally walk straight past these same laneways without a second glance..

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