The Bi-Annual Maison & Objet fair is in the process of wrapping itself up in Paris.  This of course means that some delightful new pieces from our suppliers will be making their way to us in due course. Already turning heads are the new collections from nanimarquina.
Inspired by old fashioned rugs, the Medina collection, carried out using the kilim technique, recovers the essence of the rug, both in its texture and in its use. For the desert nomads, a house is built on a rug, as rugs originally served to protect people from the ground. They represented an object of daily use, as well as providing comfort, they also defined the space. The Medina collection represents the modern day transformation of tradition. Its classical essence is achieved thanks to its handcrafted production in the north of Pakistan using a very old and traditional technique; the Kilim.
Medina, described and depicted above is designed by Nani for her own brand and is available in either a riot of colour or for the more refined application it is also offered in black and white with a clean red trim.

Losanges a Bouroullec Studio design is the second release for nanimarquina already this year.    Keeping also with the Kilim techniques that Nani employed Bouroullec describe their process below:
We have always been captivated by the traditional Persian rug, especially by the very old kilim savoir-faire which we see as a delicate mix of rusticity and fineness. We have been lucky to see this project carried through by the craftsmen of Northern Pakistan who managed to skillfully combine thirteen colors through the geometrical rhombus shape. As well as being crafted by hand, the Afghan wool is also spun by hand, which allows for some unique color tones to be highlighted. This subtly random technique makes each lozenge slightly different and each rug, a unique piece.
Beautiful, 'humanising' pieces, we're sure you'll agree!