Big Brother Is Watching...

It would seem Vondom and its stable of acclaimed designers can do no wrong.  Over the past twelve months their product lines have been selected for use and exhibition at almost every major sporting and media event across their native Spain, as well as many abroad.

Gran Hermano 2010 the twelfth season of Spain's Big Brother program launched last month, in keeping with the global phenomenon's penchant for striking furnishings, the producers turned to Vondom for contemporary pieces that could more than hold their own against the extroverted house-mates.  Karim Rashid, Stefano Giovanni and Javier Mariscal's collections all appear nightly on Spanish TV screens.

This years Cannes Film Festival also boasted a healthy hub of Jut and Moma outdoor offerings in a pop-up bar on Majestic Beach reserved for media and film professionals.

The Heineken Regatta in Curaçao, (off the Venezuelan coast) made full use of Vondom's unique catalogue, populating their waterside VIP bars with Jut, Moma, Isla, Second Light and Doux.

Court-side at Valencia 500 Tennis Open, in the Santiago Calatrava designed Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, players sat on a custom dyed and branded sofa from A-Cero's Rest collection.  Behind the scenes visitors relaxed at each of the the many modular Fiesta Bars seated on either Jut, Moma, and Pillow collections with Isla and Pots all illuminating the spaces with vivid LED light.

The World Motorcycle Grand Prix visited Spain this year also and in both public and VIP areas Vondom's presence was more than evident from decorative lighting to seating and function service bars.

At this rate, Vondom is poised for World domination!  Australia too is fast cottoning-on to the brilliance of this outdoor manufacturer and their ability to deftly bridge the indoor/outdoor furniture gap with such wonderfully varied designs.

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