Valencia, November 30, 2009 The Zarina collection: protection enforced In response to a complaint filed through our Intellectual Property Representatives Clarke Modet, we have now received confirmation that Sandler Seating, an official distributor of Italian manufacturer Beltramini, will stop commercializing their Star collection and withdraw it from both their catalogue and website. This decision concludes the process that Andreu World initiated conjointly against Beltramini, as the manufacturer, and Sandler, as the dealer operating mainly in the United Kingdom and the United States. Andreu World took action when it became clear that the manufacture, marketing and promotion of the Star collection clearly imitated the design of the chairs, armchairs and stools included in the Zarina collection created by William Sawaya. These actions mark the success of our campaign to protect our designs worldwide. Andreu World is committed to defending all original creations and preserving the quality, originality and added value of each and every one of our designs. This is why all Andreu World collections are protected by Industrial Design and Copyright worldwide. New actions like the one described will be taken against unethical companies which do not respect the original designs created by Andreu World. Please, do not hesitate to communicate the management of Andreu World any duplications of our designs that you find in your territories.