The 69 O'Riordan Collective promise to go bigger and better in 2023 was brilliantly fulfilled, and it's all thanks to YOU and over 600 other guests from Sydney's Interior Design and Architecture community who experienced such an epic night! If you missed out, here's a glimpse of the magic that unfolded at the KE-ZU showroom, igniting inspiration for our guests' upcoming projects:


Mariya Lounge Chair Assembly Challenge

The laughter, camaraderie, and sheer assembling speed were priceless as guests experienced hands-on (literally!) Philippe Starck’s sustainable masterpiece for Andreu World. The winners built the lounge chair in just 38 seconds. Congratulations to the winners with a time of 38 seconds Josh Wrathall from the Archer Office, Maria Musar from Stukel Architecture, and Harrison Doherty and Helen Xiang from Woodman Architects; for each winning a Luciole Lamp from Emu.


Arigato, Taku!

We were honoured to host renowned Japanese designer Taku Kumazawa from axona AICHI, to showcase the brand-new Gene chair. Its eco-friendly design made a lasting impression, with all resin components crafted from 100% recycled waste by-products and the entire chair being 100% recyclable. Sustainability at its finest!


Light Touched by Wood

Guests had the enlightening online presence of Sandro Tothill, founder of LZF, 'visiting' us from Spain for a live interaction through a silent disco experience to explore the unique qualities of LZF's signature wood veneer in lighting design, providing a truly immersive encounter.

Sip, savour, repeat.

A huge thanks to our fabulous sponsors at Hartshorn Distillery (the world’s best vodka!). Our cocktails were the talk of the town, with Hartshorn sheep's whey vodka.

The KE-ZU Hibiscus Sour was pure genius!

At KE-ZU, we're all about fostering connections and nurturing creativity. The night was a true testament to the power of working collectively.
Looking forward to building another epic experience for you again in 2024.


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