Summertime is around the corner, and we can't wait to savor the alfresco lifestyle.

Furniture solutions for outdoor spaces must be practical and selected to achieve the desired atmosphere. 

KE-ZU is a trusted reference for outdoor furniture that harmoniously integrates aesthetics and functionality while maintaining a strong focus on sustainability.




KEZU Heaven Collection by EMU

Below we have some tips that will have you dreaming of how to enhance the ultimate outdoor experiences of warm summer evenings and lazy days in the sun.


Create Indoor & Outdoor Dialogue


KEZU Spritz Collection by Vondom

Make an outdoor space feel like an extension of the interiors by using a consistent color palette and style. 

The Spritz Collection by Vondom features a mix of the linearity of northern European style and the typical warmth of the Mediterranean. It creates functionality between indoor and outdoor while meeting Australian climatic conditions for ease of cleaning and quick drying.

KEZU Spritz Collection by Vondom

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Light Up Your Summer Nights


KEZU Luciole Light by EMU


Feel how light can completely transform a space. It creates a subtle interplay between dark and light moments, adding appeal and character and spreading emotions.

The ethereal and delicate Luciole outdoor lamp brings a magical touch to external spaces. With Luciole, the ambience is at your fingertips: the soft touch of the on-off tap switch activates the lighting body. 

Luciole is easy to re-charge by USB. It can also be used as a torch and has a magnet on the base so it will not blow over in the wind which acts as a deterrent to be easily taken for commercial spaces.

KEZU Luciole Light by EMU

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Play with Colours


KEZU Mom Chair by EMU

Designing with vivid hues is trending. When playing with colours, creating a sense of balance is vital. Too much visual stimulation can be chaotic. Not enough can turn off the viewer. 

A tip for adding colours in outdoor spaces is to turn your attention to sitting areas. Those serve as focal points, making them ideal places to add colour. 

Mom by Emu is a metal chair inspired by traditional Japanese trays. Mom is available in different energising hues. 

KEZU Mom Chair by EMU

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Match Comfort with Flexibility


KEZU Nido Modular Sofa by Expormim

A welcoming space must offer an inviting seating area. For outdoor spaces, ensure that the seating is comfortable and laid out well for conversation. Modularity is a plus when it comes to flexibility.

With any outdoor space, it’s also essential to pay attention to the durability of fabrics and ensure that you have specific outdoor reticulated foams.

Nido is one of our most popular outdoor collections. Essential because of its modularity, upholstery, richness of textures and resistant structure, it offers the best guarantees when produced for outdoor use.

KEZU Nido Modular Sofa by Expormim

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KE-ZU Loves: Re-Trouvé


We love how geometric designs consisting of repeated diamond-shaped patterns create unusual and charming forms. 

The Re-Trouvé collection originates in traditional forms rediscovered and reinterpreted with cleverness and originality by Patricia Urquiola. 

Re-Trouvé, by Emu, conveys elegance and character in both classic contexts and contemporary settings. 

KEZU Retrouve Collections by EMU

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