KeZu Enea Kaiak Office Chair   After a couple of years of changes and upheavals, many people are getting back to the office again. The transformations that COVID-19 has brought to our places of work have acted as an accelerant to pre-existing trends, that aren’t going away. The workplace has been transformed and will never be the same again. More people than ever are choosing to work from home when they can, as the stigma previously associated with WFH has largely ended with some studies indicating that flexible working options do not diminish productivity.   Where possible, some workers are choosing a hybrid approach so they can work from home and the office. The pandemic has changed everything in Australian workplaces, and that includes the trends in office interiors and choices of office furniture. When you get back to your workplace, you’ll probably find that it looks quite different. Here are some of the changes that you can expect to see in 2022 in commercial office furniture.    

Flexible Workplaces


KEZU Bernhardt Design Clue Occasional Table

  One of the most important elements in contemporary office design is flexible to reflect the rise of coworking, increase in technology accessibility with smartphones and internet access and the ever-important collaboration spaces within the workplace This direction has resulted in new designs and technology being applied to office furniture which must keep up with the new way of working and a new way of being in public spaces. The key to weathering all these changes is to create flexible workplaces through flexible furniture. This applies to everything from the design of workspaces and their ability to morph into other spaces, furniture choices like more comfortable commercial office chairs and height-adjustable conference tables , the transformation of furniture and table options that are easily transportable on wheels and all items were getting powered up as well. Here’s how the need for flexibility will impact office interiors in 2023:  
1 - Shared Spaces
  KEZU Bernhardt Design Blueprint Table   COVID-19 has seen the shared space become more popular with the workplace resulting in a higher density per square metre of people assigned to an office area. There’s no point for hybrid workers, who work partially from home, to have their own desks. Instead, there’s been an explosion of shared desks and spaces. Many companies will develop their spaces to meet the demands of a hybrid workforce that wants choice and flexibility. Rigid social and physical structures are no longer the norm, and many offices are looking for more adaptable designs and shared spaces that can foster collaborative work, creativity and a sense of connection which is so important after the challenging pandemic days. This allows for the most effective use of spaces and office furniture, and it also means that workers may change desks frequently according to their presence in the office or the projects they’re working on.  
2 - Moveable & Adjustable Furniture
  KEZU Enea Ema Chair   Today’s spaces and furniture need to be more adaptable for a variety of purposes and spaces. More workplaces are including high-density stackable chairs in their furnishings as well as different seating options on wheels. Workplaces require the flexibility to turn a training room into a meeting room which requires extra chairs to be on hand whilst minimising the cost of real estate for storage.  Collaborative spaces and creativity require flexibility for people to attend a meeting in different scenes and forms. By this we are referring to standing meetings, sitting high on stools, lounge meetings or your regular old tables and chairs.  We have found features such as adjustability in conference tables for standing are harnessing the power of collective work, with greater flexibility than previously considered. As technology has allowed people greater mobility, spaces need to be more adaptable, so employees can find their own spaces to work to suit their comfort levels by using different breakout furniture. This is a level of freedom that was previously unknown in the workplace and it’s one that encourages creative thinking and innovation.  
3 - Communal Spaces
  KEZU Andreu World Dado Sofa   As workers and workplaces realise that most work can be done at home, offices are taking on another function. Instead of being places where employees sit in cubicles and work alone, they become a hub for collaboration. This has led to an explosion in communal spaces in modern workplaces, rooms that are designed for employees to work together, whether they’re in the office or collaborating over the internet from home. These communal spaces need to be stimulating, creative and designed to encourage social interactions and often take advantage of bright colours and innovative designs, such as this Belgian office featuring the entire Artifort Bras collection by Khodi Feiz.  
4 - Acoustic Furniture
  KEZU 14six8 Cluster Acoustic Cloud   Noise pollution in the workplace has been a problem for years with the adaption of the open plan which has resulted in a reduction of creativity and productivity. The new interest in increasing flexibility, as well as well-being in workplaces, has offered a solution to this problem with acoustic furniture. Acoustic panelling is designed to help muffle noise, whether the noise be talking, typing, or furniture sounds. This sounds bland, but these pieces are often on the cutting edge of design and fashion, making them an aesthetically pleasing solution as well as a healthy one. It also allows for extra flexibility in office designs, with the ability to re-purpose and re-design spaces with ease.     

Comfortable Office Furniture

  Another big focus for office interior design these days is comfort. The last couple of years has been difficult. One of the unexpected benefits of this time has been the opportunity for many workers to work from home. There’s nothing quite like working in your own home, in your most comfortable clothes. But now it’s time to put your business clothes back on and go to work. When it comes to commercial office furniture, workplaces now have to make workers want to return to the office. This means that they must compete with that sense of homey comfort. That’s why there’s been a strong trend towards furniture that provides not only physical comfort but mental and emotional comfort as well.  Workplaces these days are moving towards office interior design that encourages warmth and comfort, with the aim of improving mood, productivity and creativity. And that’s making a big change in how workplaces think about office furniture from commercial office chairs to tables and everything in between. Here’s how you can expect to see this trend in your office:  
 1 - Ergonomic furniture
  KEZU Nightingale GXO Chair   Providing ergonomic furniture allows workplaces to provide homey comfort while also helping employees take care of their physical health. Today’s ergonomic furniture goes further than simply keeping your head, neck and spine in the right position. They also boast padding and covering that allows your body to breathe, are adjustable for just about anybody, and where applicable have control features that are easy to use.  And despite all these practical considerations, the latest ergonomic furniture isn’t like the bulky, ugly furnishings of old. Instead, it’s sleek, stylish, and durable, perfect for the modern office.  The range of ergonomic office furniture available today is truly astonishing, whether that’s beautiful, high-tech Nightingale chairs or stylish and comfortable ottomans. The standard commercial office table is also getting a makeover. The latest tables are height adjustable to protect employees’ backs and can even be used while walking on a treadmill.  
 2 - Healthy Spaces
  One of the biggest changes that have come about through COVID-19 is the focus on health in the workplace. Employers want their employees to feel safe, so you can expect to see temperature checks and handwashing stations throughout office spaces. Workplaces also have to be designed so that employees can social distance where possible. The result is large, open rooms with minimal furniture and sleek, modern designs that catch the eye and inspire at the same time.  This office project in Spain, featuring Sancal designs, is a great example of an open office environment that creates a comfortable and inspiring workspace with a modern touch and a fresh colour palette. These changes are partly to accommodate government restrictions and partly to reassure workers that they’re safe and comfortable in the workplace, both physically and mentally.  
3 - Bringing Nature Inside
  KEZU LZF Elephant Floor Light   There’s nothing like nature for giving you a sense of comfort, ease, and well-being. That’s why workplaces all over the world are bringing nature into the office in any way possible. This trend is being used in a variety of ways in modern workplaces, including the use of indoor plants with beautifully designed planters, or the use of natural materials such as award-winning lighting designs from LZF. Office furniture in earth tones is also everywhere in today’s modern workspaces. And workplaces like this US office featuring Andreu World products, are using floor to ceiling windows to bring in more natural light and the natural colours of the world.  
4 - Durable Materials
  KEZU Thinking Works UR Table   The recent focus on health and safety in the workplace means that shared spaces have to be disinfected these days. So, when you return to your workplace, you can expect to see materials that are durable and easy to clean. And of course, it’s even better if the material brings a sense of homey comfort at the same time. You’ll see this trend everywhere in the workplace. So, the next time you’re in a meeting, you may be seated at a commercial office table made of strong, yet natural material that’s easy to clean and lasts.    

The Takeaway

  As the world changes, interior design changes as well. And for offices, this means commercial office furniture that focuses on comfort, support, and health.  This not only helps employees feel safe, encouraging them to return to the office. It also allows modern workplaces to create an environment of care, comfort, and aesthetic that says amazing things about the future of work in the modern world. Keep up with today’s office furniture trends and the future of the workplace with one of our innovative furniture brands KEZU Parachilna Aballs Light