For many diehard travellers, 2022 promises to be the year for getting back out there and seeing the world. It’s been a long time, and travel aficionados are looking forward to seeing new places, new people, and new surroundings.

In anticipation of this, hotels, airports, restaurants, and other spaces involved in travel are updating their look and design to welcome back visitors. So, what can you expect to see when you get back out on the road again? What interior design trends have emerged after COVID and how will they be applied to the travel spaces?

Let’s take a look at what designs you can look forward to seeing in 2022’s hotels, restaurants, and airports.




bernhardt diego lounge chair

COVID-19 fundamentally changed the travel space. Many of the past travel trends such as over-tourism and fast travel are falling by the wayside, to be replaced by some very exciting new trends!

When you next get out to explore the world, here are some of the trends you can expect to see and how they are influencing the designs of the restaurants, airports, and hotels you spend your time in:




sancal remnant lounge chair


The last few years have been hard for everyone, creating a need for comfort and safety that’s being reflected in interior design. In 2022, curved forms and soft edges are taking off. Whether it’s a curved armchair, like the Remnant chair by Sancal, the shape of a space, or statement pieces, the best décor this year features curved shapes without any sharp edges.

This trend creates gracious, almost sensual spaces and a sense of welcome and safety. And you’ll see it everywhere from hotels, bars, and restaurants to airport lounges.




lzf spiro suspension lamp


All the time spent indoors over the last few years has created a craving for nature in everyone and especially in travellers. That’s why you can expect to see more nature-inspired décor choices in 2022.

In hotels and restaurants, furniture and fixings with natural surfaces like wood and stoneware are taking centre stage. And warm, earthy colours like brown and green are replacing the neutrals of past trends, bringing in that same sense of earthy comfort.

There’s also a strong move towards bringing the outside in, in all travel spaces. This can be as simple as a hotel lobby that has greenery around, large windows in your hotel room, or indoor urban jungles. It can also be as obvious as restaurants with expansive outdoor spaces or airport lounges where all the chairs face a beautiful view.




sancal rew sofa


Don’t think that all these new travel trends only apply to hotels in far-flung locations, either. Staycations, where travellers stay in hotels in their home cities, promise to be more popular than ever in 2022 because of time constraints, costs, and worries about travelling.

From a design standpoint, this creates a need for hotels and restaurants that are an experience in themselves from the décor to the food and the amenities. It’s this trend that has given rise to unique offerings like the Ovolo Woolloomooloo Hotel in Sydney, with its unique, bright, and custom spaces.




14six8 t grid ceiling tile


Eco travel is here to stay and it’s influencing every aspect of the travel industry, including design. More and more hotels, restaurants, and airports are pushing themselves to be seen as “eco-friendly” and this can only be good for travellers and the planet.

In travel spaces, this means more durable and long-lasting furniture choices. It also means a stronger focus on sustainable designs. Some world-leading examples are brands like Andreu World with its FSC certified timbers and reforesting efforts as well as 14six8’s beautiful, acoustic furniture made from sustainable and recycled materials. These types of designers are leading the charge and you can expect to see similar design choices in hotel rooms, lobbies, and airports over 2022.

You can also expect to see fewer disposable products, from plastic straws to bottles, in your hotel minibar and on the plane. This also means that the next time you stay in your favourite hotel, you’ll probably have a recycling bin in your room as well as eco-friendly products in the bathroom.




For a lot of people, COVID has been a big lesson in what’s really important. And you can expect to see this reflected in travel and in travel spaces as more and more travellers seek experiences rather than things.


andreu world trenza chaise


One of the most obvious places that you’ll notice this is in hotel design, such as the Euphoria Retreat in Athens, where the minimal choices in the interiors create a delicate balance with the beautifully sculpted architectural lines.

Hotels are starting to understand that flashy, lavish designs aren’t what everyone is looking for. Instead, you can expect to see clean, simple, minimalist interior design done well. This means well-thought-out amenities and spaces, with extras that add to the experience rather than encourage materialism. It also means clever furniture choices and more windows and space in your hotel rooms.

This trend is also being applied in restaurants and not only to interior design. When you travel in 2022, you can expect more restaurants offering simple, minimalist food that makes the most of the textures and tastes on the plate. And of course, this will be matched with interiors that offer less clutter, more space, and neutral colouring to encourage a more relaxing experience.




There’s another trend that has survived COVID and is gaining strength in 2022 and that’s art as design. It’s hotels and restaurants displaying modern art pieces, creating stunningly beautiful displays in their public spaces. And it’s also reflected in the care that’s going into the choice of every statement piece, from iconic art-like lounge chairs to lamps, in the world’s best restaurants and hotel spaces.


artifort ribbon chair


This is the kind of trend that turns travel spaces into modern art museums, filled with colour, creativity, and life, in a way that turns a holiday into an experience. It’s also the kind of trend that creates furniture that becomes applied art such as Pierre Paulin’s Ribbon chair, a masterpiece featured at the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne.




As the world starts to open up again, people are excited to travel and see what the world has to offer again. And this is one area in which the changes brought about by COVID are mostly positive, with comfort, safety, and planet-friendly practices influencing every aspect of the industry, including design.

So, the next time you’re walking through your favourite airport or relaxing in the lounge, take a look at the spaces and think about how the design contributes to your vacation mood and experience.

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