Forecast as one of the top office trends in 2021, ‘Resimercial’ tops the list of design trends that includes mobile furniture, sustainable and circular office design, and technology smart offices. Now more than ever clients are asking for flexibility, versatility, and comfort in order for productivity and innovation to flourish.



As the love child of commercial and residential design, the ultimate goal of resimercial is that its benefactors feel at home in the workplace. More than merely residential objects placed in a commercial environment, well-designed resimercial projects aim to thoughtfully customise the needs of the people and company culture. It aids in solving any pain points with products and/or materials specifically designed for the unique purpose of the particular space.



> Textures, Finishes & Colours : break up the monotony of the traditional corporate office with different furniture textures and shapes to make your design feel more organic

> Biophilia & Lighting : Biophilic design - found to support cognitive function, physical health and psychological well-being helps employees feel more motivated along with soft lighting that mimic warm and natural light

> Flexibility :
Take advantage of the open plan office and its versatility. Create multi-use zones with movable partitions based on your daily requirements. Employees will love the choice to select space for private tasks or group activities

> Soft Furnishing :
Spaces furnished with couches, rugs and coffee tables create a sense of home away from home and can provide a relaxed gathering space where people can meet and talk openly


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