Ke-Zu would like to acknowledge the Gadigal of the Eora Nation, the traditional custodians of this land and pay our respects to the Elders both past and present.

Australia Day (January 26th) is the day to reflect on what it means to be Australian, to reflect on our history, its highs, and lows. We respect the stories of others. And we celebrate our nation, its achievements and most of all, its people. At Ke-Zu we are lucky, our team, our family come from a range of diverse cultural backgrounds, who each bring their own history, culture & stories that have helped sculpt and shape who we are today. We asked a few members of our team how they celebrate Australia Day and what Australia Day means to them….   How do you celebrate Australia Day? For the Brits, I guess it’s not so much about celebrating when Australia became Australia, but more about experiencing a day of doing something stereotypically ‘Aussie’. Getting together, enjoying the sun, having a good time with yer mates. ~ Steph At the beach, in the sun surrounded by family and friends and some snags on the barbie. Sausage sandwich in one hand, beverage in the other. ~ Tegan This is what Chile does: Fondas, take place in towns and cities all over Chile and often include various aspects of Chilean folkloric culture, such as traditional music, a traditional dance called the Cueca, and a Chilean rodeo. So if I was to relate it to the above I think the closest would be Two-up (a traditional Australian gambling game), BBQ and going to the beach to celebrate. ~ Carlos We would have a one day tour to Sydney nearby town or scenic spot to enjoy nature beauty of Australia! Or a big dinner to celebrating our National Day! ~ Terri I used to participate at Bondi Beach in the Havianas Australia Day thong challenge. but it is no more, these days I replace the thong challenge with a siesta ~ Mark     What does Australia Day mean to you? The celebration of our diversity and freedom ~ Richard You mean invasion day? Our national day of mourning? ~ Mark A day we spend time with friends and celebrate this Island where everyone around the world has come to coexist in harmony, respecting and learning different thoughts and beliefs from around the world. ~ Carlos My Australia Day celebrates and embraces all and pays respect to the traditional owners of the land. ~ Ross Being proud to be Australian ~ Tegan