Healthcare is at the forefront of our minds at the moment, as our hospitals and medical professionals will undoubtedly be tested over the coming months. We rest a little easier knowing there has been a shift in the design of healthcare environments to be more comfortable and welcoming and to incorporate furniture more typically found in a home. At Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in South Florida, Andreu World’s Alya chairs and Reverse Occasional tables are helping to create an environment that feels like a home away from home, while adhering to the highest healthcare standards.

Perkins&Will’s design of the children’s hospital is focused on healing. It provides access to daylight and nature, positive distractions and ample and diverse opportunities for social interaction for children and their families. Principles of biophilic design feature throughout the hospital with plants, playful references to local flora, natural materials and nature-inspired colours.

Andreu World’s Alya lounge chairs and Reverse coffee tables provide comfortable seating throughout the lobby, which is a multipurpose space for children’s entertainment, including book readings, clown shows, puppet shows and spontaneous play. The Alya chair has a soft and welcoming appearance that invites users to comfortably sit and relax. Orange-coloured upholstery is bright and cheerful, helping to set a calm and friendly mood, while the fabric can help prevent the further spread of bacteria.


The chairs are paired with Andreu World’s Reverse Dining tables with round tabletops. Their contemporary and streamlined design reduces trip hazards and potential knocks and their surfaces are easy to keep clean.

The new private patient rooms provide generous space for visiting family members. The Alya chairs provide stylish, ergonomic seating so that family members can comfortably support children while they are healing.

For more information about the Alya chair and Reverse tables, drop us a line at the KE-ZU showroom at Alexandria or view the product online.