Roll is a brand-new chair from Sancal that offers a place to sit and hit pause. For waiting rooms, foyers, lobbies, stores and take-away venues, Roll is a flexible chair that invites people to rest and relax momentarily.

The irony of Roll is its design is inspired by the leg-press machine found in a gym. But while the leg-press requires hard work, the Roll chair does all the heavy lifting. Spanish studio MUT Design is known for its reimagining of everyday objects, as founders Alberto Sánchez and Eduardo Villalón draw inspiration from feelings, moments, anecdotes and their daily lives.

The Roll chair comprises two essential elements – a steel tube frame with cylindrical pads for the back and seat – and is stripped of superfluous ornament and detail. This elegant and unusual silhouette turns the chair into a sculptural work of art that looks as attractive when stacked and stored, as it is while in use.

Roll can be customised with upholstered cushions in any of Sancal’s fabrics and by lacquering the metal frame in a choice of 12 colours.

MUT designed Roll for this year’s Das Haus at imm Cologne. Titled “A La Fresca” (meaning “step out into the fresh air”), Das Haus merged indoor and outdoor settings and featured five zones. The Roll chair was aptly placed in the “resting area,” with the back rest pressed against the wall.

For more information about the Roll chair, drop us a line at the KE-ZU showroom at Alexandria or view the product online.