Updated: 20th May, 2020

All factories reopened!

  • New Design Group, Sellex and Source have resumed production.

Updated: 16th April, 2020

We're back in action!

Factories reopened:

  • Andreu World, Eden Design, Enea, Expormim, LZF, M114, Parachilna, Sancal, Sellex Vondom (EU), Kenneth Cobonpue (ASIA), Bernhardt Design (USA)
Most of our international suppliers have resumed production with the exception of the following:
  • EMU (Italy) – Remains closed until 3rd May due to country-wide lock down
  • New Design Group and Source due to reopen late April/early May
We have updated all lead times below to reflect these changes. Your team @ KE-ZU

Updated: 31st March, 2020

We have been advised from our international suppliers the following:
  • Bernhardt Design (USA) - "On March 30th our Governor has issued a stay-at-home order for the state of North Carolina. In order to ensure that we're doing our part to comply, the Bernhardt Design manufacturing plants will be closed from March 31st until April  12th."
  • Eden (Belgium) - Closed until 6th April.
  • Kenneth Cobonpue (Philippines) - "We are now on enhanced community quarantine and production will resume April 14th."

Updated: 30th March, 2020

We know that you might have some concerns with the current world situation, so we are here to keep you up-to-date with information on the current status for new and existing furniture orders.  FREIGHT Transport times by sea, have increased slightly as there is congestion in trans-shipments in Singapore with boats coming from Europe. The ports in all countries are open, however we can’t get containers to the port and loaded in Italy and Spain. Some factories are closed, see below for the most recent updates. Freight times for Japan, the Philippines and the US remain largely unchanged.  AIR FREIGHT There is currently no air freight as there are very limited numbers of flights – and all cargo planes are being reserved for medical supplies. This largely impacts lighting and can impact the sending of fabric to the factory for COM’s. UPS is still available however only for tiny items and not sure how long this will last. This impacts the sending of COM fabric to the factory. AQIS: Australian quarantine are experiencing delays of a few days, and some additional fumigation services, which are extending lead times by a few days.  EXISTING ORDERS We want to reassure you of the following: 1. ON ORDER - If you have an order with product, you will get the product you ordered. However, now with some factories closed due to government orders, your lead times will be impacted, and this will vary depending on whether or not your product has left the factory. 2. DELIVERY TIMES – If there are any delays you will be advised as soon as we have the information to hand and before the due delivery date. 3. FINANCIAL SECURITY – KE-ZU has been operating for 26 years with a perfect credit record as have our suppliers, your exposure to having paid a deposit is secure. 4. WAREHOUSE - This is fully operational, and we are able to deliver your product. NEW ORDERS - Lead times are from when factories re-open KE-ZU suppliers have the following lead times: EUROPE & UK Factories are now temporarily closed in Spain, Italy and the UK. See below for updates. Andreu WorldFactory open. Lead time 12 – 15weeks. *** AW have notified us that this closure will represent an advanced vacation for the factory and that they now plan to be fully operational during the summer break in August. ArtifortFactory open. Lead time 14 – 17 weeks Eden DesignFactory open. No airfreight at this time, by sea 13 - 16 weeks EmuFactory closed until May 3rd.  Lead time 13 - 16 weeks EneaFactory open. Lead time 13 – 16 weeks ExpormimFactory open. Lead time 13 – 16 weeks LZFFactory open. No airfreight. Lead time by sea is 13 – 16 weeks M114Factory open. Please check with sales consultant for lead time New Design GroupFactory open. Lead time: Please contact KE-ZU directly ParachilnaFactory open. No airfreight. Lead time 10 -12 weeks for small items, 16 – 20 weeks by sea for larger items SancalFactory open. Lead time 15 – 17 weeks SellexFactory  open. Lead time: Please contact KE-ZU directly SourceFactory open. Lead time: Please contact KE-ZU directly VondomFactory open. Lead time 12 – 15 weeks ProyecFactory open. Lead time 15 – 17 weeks ASIA Axona AICHIFactory open. Most items in stock. Lead time 13 - 16 weeks Kenneth Cobonpue – Factory open. Lead time 16 – 18 weeks USA Bernhardt DesignFactory open. Lead time 12 – 16 weeks TuuciFactory open. Lead time 16 – 20 weeks SHORT LEAD TIMES We understand your need to continue to deliver on current projects. We would like to assure you that we can help you with some of our supplier’s products that are Internationally designed locally manufactured under license. In addition, we also have large amounts of stock available. Delivery times from 2 – 8 weeks, subject to fabric availability. Please contact your sales rep.  HOW TO CONTACT US Directly: (02) 9669 1788  |  [email protected] or contact your local sales representative: Sara                  0438 003 371 Carlos               0439 777 089 Genevieve         0433 550 716 Ross (VIC)        0401 528 465  FaceTime | Google Meet | ZOOM  Our team is available via video call to keep you up to date with necessary product information. Online presentations can be booked during normal business hours: 8:30AM - 5:30PM Monday to Friday Together we can get through this.    Your team @ KE-ZU