imm cologne 2020 kicked off the furniture and design trade fairs for the new year and the new decade. More than 128,000 visitors attended the event in January, travelling from all over the world to see the latest trends in furniture design.

Artifort presented new and expanded product collections, including the Shark Lounge designed by René Holten. The Shark Lounge is a soft armchair with fluid, organic lines, and it attracted great praise for its exceptional comfort and compact footprint.

Artifort also exhibited its new Clarion Low table collection, which have double-ended trumpet bases and round tabletops. Patrick Norguet’s Jima chairs are now available with an ash wood 4-legged base, and Khodi Fez’s Bras sofa has been updated with a rounder silhouette, bringing it into line with the Bras armchairs.

EMU presented its latest outdoor chairs: Rio R50, Carousel, Como and Breeze. Rio R50 (above) perfectly balances comfort and aesthetics with a solid tubular frame and transparent wire-mesh seat, while Carousel (below) has handcrafted appeal yet is made from industrial, weather-resistant materials.

EMU’s Ficus lamp (below) is inspired by the hardy cactus, and leaf- and flower-like modules can be added to the base to create a sculptural lighting fixture.

Roll is a brand-new chair by MUT Design for Sancal (below). While the unusual form is inspired by the leg press machine found in a gym, the chair rejects the hard work required for these machines, and instead offers a place to rest.

MUT Design had the honour of designing this year’s Das Haus. Titled “A La Fresca” (meaning “step out into the fresh air”), MUT Design’s Das Haus merged indoor and outdoor settings in a round pavilion, and featured the Nautica swing chair designed for Expormim.

Enea’s Lottus Wood chairs and LTS System table as well as M114’s Tube stools featured in nanimarquina’s stand. Visitors could relax in the chairs and stools and discuss nanimarquina’s fabulous contemporary carpets.

For more information about the furniture exhibited at imm cologne, drop by the KE-ZU showroom at Alexandria or view the products online.