Built in the 1920s, Balmoral Bathers’ Pavilion is a Sydney institution with a nearly 100-year legacy. Luchetti Krelle recently modernised the grand art-deco venue with a refurbishment that honours its heritage, Mediterranean charm and coastal setting. With informal and formal dining and drinking spaces, furnished with seating from KE-ZU suppliers Bernhardt Design, Andreu World, Expormim and EMU, there is something for everyone to enjoy in this iconic establishment.

Luchetti Krelle carefully curated custom furniture alongside designer pieces, to create a seamlessness of space through a variety of formal and informal areas.

The lounge bar features Bernhardt Design’s Anne (below) and Oslo (above) chairs where customers can sit back and relax, and comfortably drink or dine. The elegant and timeless design of the chairs complement the informality of the lounge bar, while also fitting the formality of the restaurant dining area alongside. The comfortable ergonomics of the Anne and Oslo chairs provided a versatile solution for relaxing or dining, and the custom seat height of the Oslo chair aligned with the Anne for design consistency.

The FramesGres and Gata from Expormim (below) enhance the coastal aesthetic and casual ambience of the all-day bistro. Made with rattan, the chairs and stools have flowing, organic lines and are supremely comfortable to sit in. Andreu World’s Smart chairs also contribute to the laidback atmosphere and proved to be the perfect solution for extra seating, since an “in stock” option was needed.

Upstairs, the Louis Terrace, overlooking Balmoral Beach, is a sought-after spot and inspired by the nostalgia of the grand hotel resorts gracing the Mediterranean shores. The decorative, interlacing design of EMU’s Re-Trouve chairs and Heaven vases (below) are light and elegant on the terrace, with pedestal- and tulip-like forms harking back to the glamour of the hotel resort era.

For more information about the seating, drop by the KE-ZU showroom at Alexandria or view our products online.