At face value, Parachilna and flamenco dancing may seem like an odd pair. But they both hail from Spain, are known for their expressive art form and seek to perverse traditional skills and knowledge. Parachilna’s newest pendant, Manila, forges the connection further, taking its name from flamenco dancers’ traditional silk shawl.

The Manila pendant, designed by Sebastian Herkner, is an elegant combination of artisanal blown glass and plissé textile diffuser. Like a flamenco dancer, it combines the strength of the body with the softness of fabric, like the Manila shawl.

The Manila shawl, (mantón de Manila in Spanish), originates from China and became popular in Spain, Latin America and the Philippines (hence the name) in the colonial era. The bright, colourful shawls, with long fringes and embroidered decorative motifs, add rhythm, movement and drama to flamenco, becoming a dynamic extension of the dancer’s body.

Parachilna’s Manila pendant is available in two finishes: transparent glass with beige plissé diffuser for a warm ambience, and dark-grey glass with a light-grey textile diffuser for a cooler atmosphere. They are capped with gold matt or graphite matte electroplates steel.

The pendant is also available in two sizes, with a 25-centimetre or 42-centimetre diameter diffuser. Suspended separately or in pairs or clusters, the Manila pendant is elegant and eye-catching in residential, commercial and hospitality projects.

For more information about Parachilna’s new Manila pendant, drop by the KE-ZU showroom at Alexandria or view the product online.