It can be easy to make small changes that have a less detrimental effect on our environment. It’s all about forming a new habit and making them part of your routine. For the home, workplace or when you’re out and about, these are 15 easy ways to be more eco-friendly and reduce your environmental footprint.   Out and about 1. Carry a cotton shopping bag in your handbag or backpack for on-the-go purchases to eliminate the need for a single-use plastic bag. 2. BYO coffee cup, water bottle, straw or salad bowl. It not only reduces waste, but vendors often given discounts for coffee cups and salad bowls. 3. Stop buying water in plastic bottles and carry a refillable glass or metal bottle with you. 4. Get into the habit of saying ‘no thanks’ to a plastic bag or straw. At home  5. Stash your reusable shopping in multiple places, such as your home, office and car, so you don’t forget them and always have one handy. 6. Buy wholefoods from bulk food stores, and produce from farmers’ markets, and take your own bags and containers for zero waste. 7. Choose products that have less packaging (or no packaging) and choose safer, recyclable alternatives, such as glass or cardboard instead of plastic. 8. Start a conversation with friends and family about how you’re reducing your environmental impact. Share your tips and take note of theirs. 9. Habits start young, so teach kids how to be environmentally conscious. You can even make a game of it. In the workplace 10. Go paperless by opting for e-invoicing, e-signatures and digital brochures. Less paper also saves on storage. 11. Scan instead of photocopy, and print only as needed and always use both sides. 12. Install LED lights rather than traditional incandescent bulbs. They have a greater lifespan and consume less watts, while still emitting the same amount of light. 13. Buy or replace equipment and appliances with those that have higher energy ratings. 14. Learn to repair equipment and appliances, rather than discard them. 15. Choose brands that produce sustainable, recyclable furniture, such as Vondom, M114, axona AICHI and many more. Find out more about how KE-ZU is committed to minimising waste and reducing its environmental footprint.   Image source: Canvas bag, green reusable coffee cup, cork reusable coffee cup, glass water bottle, metal bottle, bulk foods, grocery bag, glass packaging, cardboard packaging.