KE-ZU Service Manager Richard Swanton is our clients’ first port of call for furniture assessments, physical repairs and solving any unforeseen problems that may arise. He is a talented musician, curious about the universe and loves hitting the open road on his motorcycle. We spoke to Richard to find out more. What does your role as service manager entail?
Service is primarily about relationships and expectation management. Recognising problems as opportunities and ensuring we deliver on our promises. No two days are the same and every problem presents a unique challenge.
Any funny anecdotes about working at KE-ZU?
Despite all my efforts in the way of fixing problems, I did accidentally put a hole through a client’s wall once.
What music and instruments do you play?
I completed my Bachelor of Music playing bass guitar. I also play drums and piano but am currently focused on electronic music production.
How did you get into astronomy?
My interest in astronomy was inspired by my understanding of the universe and my curiosity about the uniqueness of life on Earth. I recently bought a new telescope to get into astrophotography. So far I have only had a chance to view the moon, some planets and constellations. I’m looking forward to taking the telescope out of Sydney, away from the light pollution, to see some nebulae and galaxies.
What do you love about motorcycle riding?
Riding a motorcycle is a great way to feel alive. I love a good thrill. My favourite trips have been north on the Old Pacific Highway, from Putty Road to Singleton, and through Paynes Crossing with a mandatory stop at Wollombi Tavern. I’m keen to do a trip through Kosciusko National Park in summer.
What’s your favourite KE-ZU produce and why?
My favourite KE-ZU product is Artifort’s Ribbon chair by Pierre Paulin. It is timeless, comfortable and you can even swing on it!