If you’re all ears for podcasts, then it’s time to listen up. Here are 10 popular podcasts that KE-ZU team members love tuning into.   NeoConversations Keep up to date with who’s who in the industry. Focused on the commercial design industry, Neoconversations features talks with interesting thinkers, players, movers and shakers about the changes and issues that affect designers’ role in the marketplace and in in the world. Reply All You’ll learn something new every time you tune into Reply All. It may be obscure or the everyday, but either way it will have you entertained and laughing. The technology and culture podcast is all about the internet and modern life wit stories about how people shape the internet, and how the internet shapes people. The Anthropocene Reviewed For a binge-worthy podcast, The Anthropocene Reviewed is packed with wonderful stories about the history and the human condition. Host John Green reviews facets of the human-centered planet – from scratch ‘n’ sniff stickers and Tetris to velociraptors and penalty shootouts – on a five-star scale.   Hamish & Andy For a light-hearted afternoon drive, comedic duo Hamish & Andy will brighten your day. The comedic duo can talk about anything, and they have interviews and audio clips of sketches and call-ins. It’s much like their radio show but you can tune in anytime. Dirty John The gripping suspense of Dirty John will keep you on edge and entertained. From real life to podcast to Netflix, Dirty John is infamous. Successful interior designer meets John Meehan who checks all the boxes, but not everything adds up. Their relationship becomes a deep and complex tale of abuse with twists and turns that will keep you tuning in for more. Explore the Circular Economy As a society we need to do better for the health of the environment. The circular economy is one economic system aimed at minimising waste and making the most of resources. The Explore the Circular Economy podcast is about a new way to design, make, and use things, and how we can build an economy for the twenty-first century.             Feel Better Live More You can’t help but be inspired by the wealth of knowledge on Feel Better Live More. Dr Rangan. Inspiring, empower and transform the way we eat, sleep, move and relax, Chatterjee interviews leading health experts and exciting personalities, offering health tips and advice and debunking common myths. Conversations with Richard Fidler Brush up on your dinner-table conversation with the life stories and lessons of fascinating people you may have heard about but never met. Richard Fidler draws you deep into the life story of interviewee, exploring the unique and untold aspects of their story.             Mamamia Out Loud You’ll laugh out loud with this twice-weekly podcast that’s smart, silly and surprising. Everything is up for discussion and with absolutely no filter, as hosts Holly Wainwright, Mia Freedman and Jessie Stephens talk about life from pop culture and politics to feminism to fashion. How I Built This Want to know the back story behind some of the biggest brands and businesses in the world? Then tune in to How I Built This to hear Guy Raz speak to innovators, entrepreneurs and idealists about what it took to build their company and become a leader in the field.