Instagram is valuable and powerful tool for those in the architecture and design industry, offering an easily accessible platform for establishing a presence, sharing your work and connecting with designers, suppliers and potential clients. Here are some top tips and tricks for shooting interiors like a pro.   Show some style Styling a space can help make it look lived or worked in and helps viewers imagine themselves in it. Try different furniture arrangements and ensure every object contributes to enhancing the image. Don’t forget to check mirrors for reflections and remove keys, rubbish bins, wires, etc, in order to get a clean image.   Catch the light Natural light allows a viewer to see a room as it actually is, while artificial light can add atmosphere or shine the spotlight on details. If the space is too dark, use a tripod and long exposure, rather than a flash. If the light is too harsh, close the blinds or curtains.   Find balance Symmetry and perspective will help create a balanced imaged that is pleasing to the eye and easier for viewers to understand. Find or create a symmetrical composition in which both sides of the image mirror each other. Shoot straight towards a back wall for a one-point perspective, or towards a corner for a two-point perspective.   Play it straight Keeping walls, doors and windows vertical in your image so as not to manipulate or distort the perception of a room. Hold your camera at or slightly above mid-room height and point it straight ahead. You can also adjust and correct the lines in your Instagram app or image software.   Don’t forget the details Focus on the finer details of a project (in addition to the bigger picture) to highlight materials, texture, colour and contrast, This might be a beautiful piece of hardware, a vignette on a sideboard or interesting plays of light.   Add life Plants, objects and people add life and personality and make a space feel more lived in. Choose foliage and flowers that complement the room and furniture; incorporate personal objects that tell a story of the inhabitants; and don’t be afraid to include people – they are who the spaces are designed for, after all. For more Instagram inspiration click here to follow KE-ZU.