Lightweight, versatile stools have become a must-have in the workplace, serving as seating or tables in variety of settings. Handy Stool by Sellex is the latest addition to the KE-ZU collection and it will undoubtedly come in handy. The simple, functional form of the Handy Stool makes it ideal for work spaces as well as multi-purpose and break-out zones in commercial and education environments. It’s an agile and easily portable solution for collaboration, meetings and socialising. The stool can be used as a seat or side table, with the option of an upholstered or wooden pad. The polypropylene base is carved out one side, making it easy to pick up and move, or to tuck away items such as bags. It is also stackable up to 20 stools high for efficient storage. Handy Stool is customisable in various finishes, including full polypropylene; polypropylene base with upholstered pad; and polypropylene base with wooden pad. The base is available in six colours – black, white, dark grey, light blue, olive green and cactus green. Upholstered pad available in fabric from a range of suppliers, or a wooden pad available in six finishes, from light to dark. The oak seat pad is in stock at KE-ZU, and the other finishes available for custom order. The Handy Stool arrives to KE-ZU in February and is an in-stock product. Established in 1977, the Spanish brand produces a wide range of innovative, high-quality and sustainable commercial furniture. Sellex collaborates with high-profile designers such as Stephen Philips who designed Handy Stool. Head of the award-winning Product Design team at Arup in London, Philips also authored The Industrial Resolution about closed-loop product design, manufacturing and re-use. For more information about Sellex and its very handy Handy Stool, drop by the KE-ZU showroom at Alexandria or view the products online.