Recent trends in the hotel industry have seen hoteliers take a more design-led approach, creating vibrant destinations and one-of-a-kind experiences. At The Collectionist Hotel in Camperdown, Sydney, that uniqueness extends to each of the hotel rooms and lobby, which have been individually designed by local studios and artists. Inspired by a car hire outlet that allowed inspection of vehicles prior to rental, Daniel Symonds and Toby Raphael, co-founders of Collectic Hotels, wanted to challenge the norms of hotel room design. They engaged Andrew Cliffe from design studio The World is Round to curate the overall look and feel of their new hotel in a former boarding house. To meet the brief that no two rooms be alike, Andrew approached three other design studios – Amber Road Design, Willis//Sheargold and Pattern Studio – to collaborate on the project. The four studios designed 10 rooms each (including the hotel lobby), with 13 artists providing work featured throughout the hotel. Andrew commissioned 10 artists, including Dion Horstmans, Kirsty Ludbrook, Brooklyn Whelen and Matt Dampney, to contribute pieces for the 10 rooms by The World is Round. “With the collaboration concept in mind, I gave the artists creative freedom to express their vision within the parameter of a room,” Andrew explains. Each room features an artwork or sculpture and colours, textures and furnishings have been selected to complement and reflect the artist’s personality. Yasmine Ghoniem and Katy Svalbe from Amber Road Design used an explosion of colour, pattern and feature carpets to elicit a strong emotive response from guests. “Our objective was to conjure a specific memory, a holiday, a dream,” Yasmine says. The rooms by Susie Willis and Matthew Sheargold from Willis//Sheargold have an urban luxe theme with refined, sophisticated designs to contrast with the artsy, industrial neighbourhood. “Our challenge was to create a greater sense of quality that would exceed the budget’s potential and client’s expectation,” the designers explain. Inspired by their own travel experiences, Josh Cain and Lily Goodwin from Pattern Studio took a playful approach to each room. Colour, texture, furnishings and artwork create bold interiors, while variations in mood and ambience are intended to appeal to guests’ personalities. Pattern Studio also designed the lobby, setting the tone for the memorable hotel experience. Various furniture from KE-ZU is featured in indoor and outdoor spaces throughout the hotel, adding to the unique designer touch. This includes the Loft lounge chair by Bernhardt Design; Plump sofa and Senso outdoor chair by Expormim; Africa armchair, Brooklyn stool and Adan stool by Vondom; and Round lounge chair, Grace outdoor dining chairs and Heaven lounge armchair by EMU. Visit The Collectionist Hotel website to book your next stay in Sydney. For more information about the KE-ZU products featured, drop by the KE-ZU showroom at Alexandria or view our collection online here.