Sancal’s Magnum stools and lounge chairs are a graceful addition to the eclectic Xanverí restaurant in Madrid, Spain. Designed by José Manuel Ferrero of estudi{H}ac, the interior captures the bespoke elegance that defines Ferrero’s work. Xanverí is the latest restaurant of Chef César Anca who grew up in the traditional neighbourhood of Chamerí in Madrid and opened his first restaurant in Alicante on the southeast coast. Ferrero has drawn on the character of both Madrid and the Mediterranean for the design of the restaurant, reinterpreting the customary textures, colours and geometric shapes of each region. This can be seen in the colourful mosaic flooring in the bar area, which radiates with intricate and varied patterns representative of each place: the locksmith and carnations of Madrid, and the ceramics and graphics of Paseo de la Alameda. An arrangement of discs is suspended from the ceiling, the circular form complementing the floor pattern. The bar is furnished with Magnum stools and lounge chairs. Ferrero took inspiration from the rounded shape of cognac glasses for the soft seating collection and the upholstery pays homage to the traditional British tailoring of Savile Row. The compact form of Magnum is well suited to the long and narrow bar and lounge area of Xanverí where stools slide neatly under the counter and high tables, and lounge chairs nestle around tables for pre- and post-dinner drinks. While the stools have a sense of lightness with the seats elevated atop an open frame, the lounge chairs have a more solid form with an electroplated plinth base. The voluptuous curves are inviting and enveloping for intimate and sophisticated settings. Sancal debuted Magnum at Salone del Mobile Milan in 2017. It has been designed to withstand the demands of public and private spaces and the chairs can be customised with a choice of base options of bases and wide array of upholstery. For more information about the Magnum collection, drop by the KE-ZU showroom at Alexandria or view the products online here .