LZF’s Koi pendant is a surreal and ethereal addition to IZAKAYA Asian Kitchen & Bar in Munich where its glowing form floats above the communal dining table. The sculptural pendant is a dramatic and decorative light, a wood-veneer creature designed by Inocuo The Sign and LZF Lab. It’s a fitting choice for this modern Japanese restaurant as the koi carp is a highly respected fish in Japanese culture, thought to be a symbol of luck, prosperity and good fortune. The Koi cuts an animated figure above the communal dining table. The overlapping wooden veneers, dubbed Koi Fabric, have a rippling effect reminiscent of fish scales. Light is diffused through the scales and the intricate head of the fish and its wood-veneer tail trails behind. The koi carp also features in IZAKAYA in a Japanese-inspired silkscreen by Dutch artist Gijs Scholten. A series of rotating panels divide the restaurant from the bar, one side featuring the artwork, and the other clad with black mirror reflecting the restaurant and Koi pendant. Opening the panels unites restaurant and bar, while closing them establish a darker late-night mood. Amsterdam studio Concrete designed the Munich restaurant located in the building of Hotel Roomers. The black and gold interior, formed with a rich palette of materials, exudes warm sensuality. The 360-degree black-stained bar has an onyx marble top and back-lit rice paper walls provide a softly illuminated backdrop. The booths are upholstered with black leather, timber battens bring rhythm to the space and the kitchen is on show from all angles. Be sure to stop by IZAKAYA if Munich is on your travel itinerary, or drop by the KE-ZU showroom at Alexandria to view products by LZF or explore the entire collection here.