Bernhardt Design’s Mitt chair is true to its name and fits like a glove. Inspired by the baseball glove, the multipurpose chair is rounded and relaxed and adaptable for an array of applications. Mitt’s designers Harry and Claudia Washington of DUE, met at the University of Applied Arts in San Salvador where they studied interior design, following which they founded their design studio in 2004, motivated by their common desire to create atypical furniture for modern spaces. Northeastern University Offices The Mitt chair certainly fits their vision. It has a comfortable and relaxed form reminiscent of its namesake object: the seat like the heel and palm of a baseball mitt, and the backrest like the pocket and fingers. In this way, it’s almost as if the chair holds the user, much like a ball in a glove. The stitching and tailoring is also inspired by the baseball glove, with a distinctive loop cording around the perimeter. Mitt designed by Claudia & Harry Washington from KE-ZU on Vimeo. The result is a playful and multi-functional chair with a soft, rounded profile suitable for a multitude of applications. For socializing, waiting, reading, working, conversing and collaborating, the Mitt chair is at home in a variety of spaces and serves an array of purposes. In casual breakout zones, waiting areas, meeting and training rooms, the chair is agile and flexible and adds a sense of fun and informality to a space. The Mitt chair has four weight-activated self-locking casters, and an optional strap at the back of the chair that allows it to be easily pulled, moved and maneuvered. Bernhardt Design has upholstered the chair in the Focus felt textile collection available in 30 different colours, plus it can also be upholstered in leather and fabric, and with contrasting cording. Needham Headquarters Project Now part of KE-ZU’s stock program, the Mitt chair has a lead time of four to five weeks. For more information about the Mitt chair, drop by the KE-ZU showroom at Alexandria or view the product online.