Bernhardt Design’s Modern Family collection has grown from a close family of five to an extended family of 13. First introduced in 2016, Modern Family now has another eight members, which Bernhardt debuted at ICFF in May. Designed by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance, Modern Family is a collection of furniture united by spirit rather than appearance. It includes a variety of seating and table options with each product unique in size, scale, function and personality while still being a cohesive part of the family to which it shares a common bond. And that common bond is Noé’s innate style: simple, graceful and sculptural pieces with crafted detail. The eight new products joining the existing family of five include chairs, tables and a bench seat, expanding the functionality and product categories of the collection while maintaining its core concept. “The idea that my work is actually an extended family is very fascinating to me, as the concept of what a ‘family’ means continues to change every day and becomes more open and interesting,” Noé says. So with no further ado, here’s the new cast of Bernhardt Designs’ Modern Family. Canelle Canelle is a sculptural chair set on a swivelling pedestal base. With an elongated and slender back and gently sloping arms, the shell features intricate saddle stitching on the interior and exterior as well as topstitching around the perimeter. The base is available in polished aluminium or a black powder coat finish and features a self-returning swivel. Chantal and Chloe  Chantal and Chloe are two versatile and ergonomic chairs that can be used as companion pieces in a variety of workplace settings, including boardrooms, executive suites, home offices, open areas, waiting rooms and cafeterias. They have upholstered shells with modern lines and cushioned seats and Chantal (like Canelle) has gently sloping arms. The companion chairs are available with three distinctive base options: a tapered cast aluminium base, a minimal round tube base and a five-star swivel base with casters. Charlotte and Capri Charlotte and Capri are two wooden guest chairs that, like their fellow family members Chantal and Chloe, can serve a variety of purposes. They have upholstered seats and their sculptural forms balance clean lines and negative space. With fluid edges and tapered legs, Charlotte and Capri are a modern example of Old World wood craftsmanship with the Charlotte constructed with solid American walnut and Capri offered in solid American walnut and maple. Catia The streamlined and elegant Catia is a cushioned bench seat that brings refinement and sophistication to a product category often overlooked. Light and airy in appearance, the Catia stands lightly on its elliptical fin supports available solid American walnut or maple. The upholstered seat is accented with a welt around the perimeter and a saddle stitch through the centre on leather and non- railroaded fabrics; the seat is seamless when fabrics are railroaded. Catia is 170 centimetres in length and can be positioned freestanding within a space or butting against a wall. Cassidy Cassidy is a table that looks equally good in the dining room and the boardroom. Combining simple form with precise details, Cassidy has a complex and distinctive design. It is available in two sizes and shapes and each has tapering legs with a subtle geometric shape that fuses seamlessly with the tabletop. The rectangular table has a flat-cut walnut-veneer surface and the circular table has a reverse-diamond pattern in walnut veneer. Drop by the KE-ZU showroom in Alexandria to check out the Bernhardt Design Collection. The new additions will be available from KE-ZU later this year.