kezu_proyec_boomerang_chair-arms_healthcare furniture Research has proven that the environmental design of healthcare facilities has a direct affect on the wellbeing of patients and their families. In fact well-designed environments can improve health outcomes, while poorly designed environments can aggravate patient anxiety and stress and negatively influence the healthcare experience.*  With more comprehensive research into the impact of design on health and healing, we are amidst a renaissance in the design of healthcare furniture and environments. In addition to smart looks and practical design, new healthcare furniture solutions provide well-conceived seating for staff and patients and their families. These seating collections have the potential to reduce the spread of healthcare associated infections, decrease the risk of patient falls, improve the efficiency of cleaning and maintenance, and contribute to visually appealing environments that contribute to recovery as well as attract more patients. KE-ZU supplies a range of contemporary healthcare furniture by ENEA, Source International and Proyec designed especially for healthcare environments and specific medical needs including; Boomerang by Proyec designed by Quim Larrea kezu_proyec_boomerang_chairs_healthcare furniture Proyec offers innovative seating solutions for nursing homes with furniture developed to meet the needs of elderly residents. The Boomerang collection includes stationery and transfer chairs with streamlined forms and contemporary shapes. kezu_proyec_boomerang_wing_transfer-healthcare furniture The Boomerang collection has been realised after extensive ergonomic studies of elderly users and is designed to promote ease of movement for sitting and getting up. The back and seat support correct posture and the armrests are positioned to allow side access. Lottus by ENEA designed by Lievore, Altherr & Molina KE-ZU_ENEA_Lottus Chair_healthcare furniture Everyday furniture used in healthcare settings can act as a transmitter of healthcare-associated infections spread through contact. The Lottus collection by ENEA is designed to prevent this transmission contributing to a more hygienic environment and healthier people. The addition of the chemical agent Vibatan PP/M Bacteriostatic 02518 to the polypropylene shell enables Lottus chairs to actually inhibit the reproduction of bacteria. KEZU_LOTTUS_ANTIBACTERIAL-CHAIR_ENEA_0034   Lottus chairs have a single shell and frame that are easy to wipe and dust and ergonomic design that is comfortable and durable over an extended period of time. Tables of varying heights and sizes are also available. Cache Bariatric by Source International designed by Terrance Hunt kezu source bariatric seating healthcare furniture Source International has created a range of bariatric chairs specifically designed for a larger population. Seating in healthcare environments needs to account for people of all shapes and sizes and the Australasian Furnishing Research and Development Institute (AFRDI) has approved Source’s Cache collection for public use for people up to 135 kilograms. The contemporary and ergonomic chairs are available in three seat widths from 495 to 660 millimetres. The Cache 17.5 and Cache 19 have been tested and certified by the AFRDI to withstand a static load of 330 kilograms, while the Cache 26 (Bariatric) is able to endure a static load up to 407 kilograms.    Please view our full healthcare collection online here  kezu_proyec_boomerang_chairs_deepetch2_1_1 *Rebecca McLaughlan, “Designing for Wellbeing: Realizing Benefits for Patients Through Best Practice Hospital Design,” Melbourne School for Design; Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning; University of Melbourne.