KEZU_LZF_DOMO LAMP05 Imagine the varied lamps at LZF as a colourful and eclectic cast, where every light, dependent on the storyline, can play the lead role. Whenever a part calls for the strong silent type, a handsome hero that possesses firmness of purpose, it is LZF’s Domo lamp that fits the bill. KEZU_LZF_DOMO LAMP09 Designed by Valencia-based Rqr Studio, Domo is a suspension lamp whose character is somewhat reserved, yet its aesthetic quality is wholly unmistakable. Rqr Studio’s goal is to create functional objects that communicate the great potential of both materials and manufacturing processes. In Domo, the studio designed an elegant bell-shaped pendant that tends to make one think of a flower. kezu_lzf_domo_105_2 The Domo lamp is made up of two layers: an outer layer constructed using four interlocking timber veneer slats and an inner layer fashioned from seamless veneer joints, so creating an entirely smooth surface. Handmade with meticulous attention to detail, the quality of craftsmanship and skill required to produce each Domo light is exceptional. kezu_lzf_domo_101_2 In terms of function, Domo is a practical lamp, its design working to reflect light downwards. This is ideal in those tasks that demand focus and concentration. Hanging the Domo above a desk for instance, will provide a direct and attentive light source that encourages a productive working environment without any harsh glow. In addition, Domo’s appeal is enhanced by its emotional resolve and warm ambience, where the wood veneers act to diffuse light in a manner that is soothing and homey. For example, Domo will serve as a cosy reading light hanging by the side of a snug sofa or the perfect shining backdrop in social and conversational surroundings. kezu_lzf_domo_104_2 Historically, the dome is a structure that exhibits strength. It is therefore fitting that Domo is an earnest light, with an inner flame and passion that truly shines. In its design, Domo is a poetic composition whose intent is pure and simple: it concentrates on the essential qualities of light. As the strong silent type, Domo is a beautiful and unobtrusive lamp: nothing more and nothing less. Pop into the KE-ZU showroom and experience it for yourself. KEZU_LZF_DOMO LAMP03       KEZU_LZF_DOMO LAMP02