KE-ZU_EXPORMIM_BENEDETTA_TAGLIABUE_TINA (7) The Tina collection by Benedetta Tagliabue for Expormim is an ode to natural materials and the craftsmanship of wicker. Benedetta Tagliabue, principal of the Miralles Tagliabue EMBT studio, which was founded with Enric Miralles in 1994, has designed this seat with a clear intention: to recover the craft tradition of the wicker in order to create a sleek and sinuous design, through the best craftsmen. tina The Tina collection is the second product designed by EMBT studio, and reflects one of its most recognized values: a tribute to the beauty through simplicity and craftsmanship. [caption id="attachment_11665" align="aligncenter" width="3283"]tina sketch Sketches of Tina[/caption] The Italian designer says about her design: “Wickerwork is a marvelous form of art, and an artisanal technique which is the same the world over. One can even say that wickerwork represents the first universal language of humankind: the language of hands. That is why we research about wicker and the weaving of natural materials in our design studio. The Tina armchair is the result of our collaboration with the industry. With a design featuring both innovation and tradition, it is built with the painstaking care and attention to detail characteristic of artisanal methods coupled with the precision and quality that comes with technology. The Tina armchair is surprisingly lightweight and sinuous due to the features and comfort of its natural braiding”. The Tina Chair is now available to view at the KE-ZU showroom.